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Our company provides specialized legal knowledge and services in all branches of Greek and European Law


frontleft«Logos» law firm was set up in 2004 by the Professor of the Law School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Vasilios Antonopoulos, in order to create a numerous lawyers group, based in European standards and to provide high quality legal services. The firm is based in the center of Thessaloniki (10 Ermou St. – GR 54625 – 2nd floor) and is one of the oldest and largest City law firms

We handle a wide range of cases, with a significant number of customers from all over Greece and abroad. We offer legal support in the fields of litigation, alternative dispute resolution (arbitration – mediation) but also legal advice.

Having handled particularly difficult legal issues and faced and many cases, spanning almost all law areas (domestic and international), working in order to achieve the right approach of the requirements of our customers and understanding the specificity of each case, we continue to invest in partners highly specialized and with legal culture, on the efficient handling of cases assigned.

Our firm is consistent today of eight lawyers - associates, and of a number of trainee lawyers. In the meanwhile, have developed a wide network of partners throughout Greece and Europe in order to create the necessary infrastructure for the complete legal support of our clients at all levels. We work with professors of the Law School and the School of Economics of the Aristotle University and the University of Athens University, as also with sections of the University of Macedonia, where the nature of the case requires specialized knowledge.

The experience and scientific training of our company lawyers and associates, together with the academic status of its founder, Professor Vasilios Antonopoulos, and the wide range of our customers, have made "LOGOS" in one of the most recognized and reliable law groups of Greece.

Because of our expertise in particularly difficult legal issues, we have managed to gain the trust of the business world of the country, as also the respect of our legal colleagues.

logo enErmou 10 (2nd floor), 546 25 Thessaloniki
  +30 2310 501325, +30 2310 501342
Fax: +30 2310 512998

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